Rule: Key
Mini Marios: 2
Attraction: 6
Size: Regular (Medium)
Description: Only Mini Marios with keys can open locked doors.

M Token: Between ladders 4 and 5.
Mini Mario Card: Between ladders 5 and 6. This stage has 2 Marios, 4 Big Coins, 9 Blue Ladder Rivets, 12 Ladder Extensions, 1 Small Coin, 4 Big Coins, and 1 Rock.

Tap Blue Ladder Rivets 1B and 2B before you make the Mini Marios move.
While a Mini Mario is on a ladder, Activate the first ladder by pulling the ladder from 1A to 1B.
When the Mini Mario with a key gets off the first ladder, you must touch Rivet 1A or Rivet 1B.
Finally, when the Normal Mini Mario breaks the rock, Activate the third ladder by pulling the ladder from 3A to 3B.

3 TrialsEdit

Rule: Multi-Door
Minis: Mario, Toad, and Pauline
Attraction: S
Size: Tall (Tall)
Description: Wait, Tap, and Skill!

M Token: Upon Mini Pauline's 9th and 10th blockers.
Mini Mario Card: Apart of Mini Toad's test.

Tap the switch above Mini Pauline's tunnel apartment.
Before Mini Mario squishes the top-most rock in column 9, tap the top-most blocker in Mini Mario's test.
Just tap the blockers, but not too fast, he will brake.
And then you wait for Mini Toad to reach his goal door.

This stage has 306 Rocks, 23/23 Blockers, and 2 1-Conveyors.